Ben Edtl is known for his ability to solve highly complex problems, that have limited organizations and leaders for years. He is a maverick CEO with the ability to energize and inspire stagnant or depressed companies. He views the role of CEO as responsible to optimize the five basic functions of any organization:
  1. Identity
  2. Culture
  3. Quality
  4. Intelligence
  5. Scale

Companies that compete in commoditized markets will never win on price or other trivial propositions. Growth momentum occurs as a result of disruption. Therefore, Ben’s work as a transformational leader begins with identity. He believes that every organization is distinct. It is simply a matter of isolating the distinctive qualities and reinventing through the Identity Transformation process.
His approach is centered on his proven, predictable and repeatable approach to business turnaround; The Formula for Market Change™. This simple equation structures the fundamental elements of market disruption.

Most cultural issues that plague a business are clearly exposed during the identity transformation process. This is because most cultural problems result directly from the identity crisis nearly all depressed organizations suffer from. Ben believes in fostering a culture of independence, comradery and ownership around a clearly defined purpose. Trust is a two-way street. When leadership trusts personnel, personnel trusts leadership. And, like all good CEO's, Ben wants everyone to experience fulfillment from their work. This means making sure the right people are in the right seats.   

Quality means setting the next trend in product and service innovation and standing behind what you do, as a company. Deliverables must be in line with cultural and brand identity, as well as, create market demand. 

Most bad decisions are due to wrong or lack of information. Leaders and management must rely on optimized tools and accounting practices that yield accurate insights into business performance. 
Most depressed organizations operate with unnecessary complexion. Simplification of business and operational systems promote scalability.