The Formula for Market Change™

"If you want to lead your market, you have to change it." Ben Edtl's highly successful revenue growth consulting practice is centered on his proprietary process: The Formula for Market Change. This simple and revolutionary approach to strategic reorganization repositions companies, up against a revenue ceiling, to change the market and realize exposive growth. 


The Formula for Market Change

Ben discovered The Formula for Market Change™ while reflecting back on a fifteen year career creating the conditions for market change as an unorthodox, self-actualized entrepreneur. In 2011, by helping a friend’s business break through a long-standing revenue ceiling, he discovered that his entrepreneurial approach, when  applied to existing businesses (especially competing in a commodotized market), result in tremendous growth. Since then, he's made a succession of significant impacts, helping mature companies break through revenue ceilings by reorganizing them into disruptive market leaders. His clients’ competitors never saw it coming and no one has come along to change those markets since. 

The Formula for Market Change™

The formula, based on algebraic set notation, solves for and finds the intersection of three essential keys that highly effective organizations leverage to maintain leadership in their competitive markets. Those traits are:

M: Opportunity 
V:  Vision (of the future marketplace)
P:  Purpose


C: Change

When the organization was founded the formula was likely very clear. The problem with many mature organizations, especially those up against a revenue ceiling, is that, over time, clarity on these integral components (of mission) that set the position and direction of the company diminishes. This is frequently due to changes in market conditions and the obfuscation of organizational "noise," which occurs to due scaling leadership and workforce. Larger SMB's often have to face the reality that while they may have pioneered or supported the pioneering of a market, that today has become commodotized. Competition is feirce and customer loyalty is slipping away. 

Under these conditions (but still true for early stage start-ups) The Formula for Market Change™ becomes the fundamental "lighthouse" by which all directional decisions are made. With proper change execution, your brand will dictate the next evolution of your competive market. As an inspiring change agent, Ben takes organizational leaders (and personnel) through a journey of discovery that illuminates previously missed opportunities, identifies directional clarity and isolates traits of distinction. His ability to envision the future marketplace and lay transformational groundwork is truly special - even perhaps, one of a kind. 



*Ben performs consulting work exclusively through GCE Strategic Consulting, Inc. | Atlanta, GA