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Ben Edtl is a serial entrepreneur.  This translates into a full-spectrum of business leadership experience from failure to success, across a blend of industries, including high-tech, consumer products and manufacturing. He went through a personal crisis and life transformation where he learned the mechanics of change. This inspired him to begin helping mature companies break through revenue ceilings with his entreprenuerial approach to reorganization process: The Formula for Market Change™.  
Over the years, Ben has led many organizational restructures that created millions of dollars in new revenue growth, as well as, listings in the Oregon Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies list, by the Portland Business Journal. 

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Beyond Limits Podcast

Change your business, change your life. "Beyond Limits" with Ben Edtl takes you on an entrepreneurial journey through change and breakthrough. Ben believes that success in business is a moving mirage; until your mindset and actions align with the creative laws of reality.


Ben Edtl is a moving and powerful motivational speaker. Hire Ben to speak at your next employee meeting, community gathering or event for an experience no one will soon forget. Speaking engagements in the Portland Metro Area are free of charge.


Ben helps owners, management teams and boards think outside the box to see their organization and their competitive marketplaces from an entirely new angle. Long standing problems are often resolved in a matter of hours.

The Formula

"If you wan to lead the market, change it." This simple yet revolutionary approach to strategic reorganization predictably positions companies, up against a revenue ceiling, to change the market and achieve explosive growth.


KATU's Afternoon Live asked me to come up with 12 great summertime business ideas for the entrepreneurial college student. I had some fun with this one. So read it, and go make that money!  

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Today on KATU's Afternoon Live I tell Tre'Renee Chambers why 70% of businesses ultimately fail. It's not presidents, economies, war or peace. It's because of "Merchant Mindset."


The Ben Edtl Show is now "Beyond Limits" with Ben Edtl and, of course, Producer Alex Moore. Pure podcast. No FCC. No restrictions. No Limits. Listen to the latest episode now. 


"If you want to lead your market, you have to change it."

Ben Edtl The Formula for Market Change

"If simple were easy, everyone would be doing it. "

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