About Ben


Ben Edtl is a multi-industry / multi-market Serial Entrepreneur whose career path evolved into a highly effective Transitional CEO. His unique ability to see untapped opportunities in the market, define organizational purpose, as well as, layout a powerful vision for the future makes him an extraordinary leader, able to rally people and resources around the cause.
Ben is full of passion and driven to make significant impacts in the lives of others through business. He bases his work around one simple concept:  If you want to lead your market, you have to change it. 
As is a market disrupter, Ben's leadership has impacted multiple industries from high-tech to consumer products, including manufacturing, business services and retail. The companies continue to lead their markets today because no one has come along to change it since. His proprietary transformation process, The Formula for Market Change™, consistently and predictably ignites organizational growth by capitalizing on new market opportunities, scaling to the occasion and break through revenue ceilings.

​Ben has no formal education, earning his business acumen from nearly two decades of entrepreneurships and business management experience. He sees business as a creative expression. His explicit articulations and personal narratives aim to captivate, entertain and inspire. ​